Global Education

 What is global education?

Global education is the process of raising societal awareness about issues like global inequality, environmental problems, poverty, sustainable development and human rights.  It aims to show each person how their actions impact on the world at large, and what they can do to make a difference by making small changes in their daily lives.  
Mondo’s Global Education Goals:
  • to increase the awareness of Estonian people on the challenges of globalisation
  • to promote tolerance, respect for human rights and solidarity with people living in poorer regions of the globe
Mondo is one of the main civil associations in Estonia that actively deals with global education. It is also one of the members of the Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation and leads its global education working group. The Global Education Centre also supports the work of Estonian UNESCO associated school network.
Mondo’s main funding comes from the European Commission and the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture have also supported some activities. Materials for schools are available on the website The website for the documentary film club is located here.   Activities of the documentary film clubs can be followed also on Facebook. You can read more on the millennium development goals from
There is also a library at the Global Education Centre, where you can borrow books in the different thematic fields of global education. The library is constantly supplemented with new books.

You can also take a look at a map of participating schools here (Estonian).  

Global education centre projects
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