Development Cooperation

Development cooperation is one of the main domains of Mondo, and it aims to be need-based, effective, and sustainable.

The general aims of our development cooperation include educating children and raising the quality of the given education; increasing the economic well-being of women and people with disabilities; engaging volunteer experts in development cooperation, and engaging in disaster risk reduction in the areas where we have development cooperation programs. Below you will find a map with the areas we operate in, and the activities we engage in to accomplish our four goals in development cooperation.

Our work is supported by private donations and different national and international funds.


For more information regarding Mondo’s work in development cooperation, please contact:

Riina Kuusik-Rajasaar


Our partner basket-weaving
union provides


employment and income

Our IT-course gave


in Afghanistan better
possibilies for employment

Our agricultural course gave


in Western Kenya
better skills in farming