Development Cooperation

Development cooperation is one of Mondo’s main domains and it aims to be needs-based, effective, and sustainable.

The primary goals of our development cooperation are the following:  to educate children and improve the quality of the education delivered; to increase the economic well-being of women and people with disabilities; to engage volunteer experts in development cooperation; to advance disaster-risk reduction in the places where we have development cooperation programs

Mondo runs a Child Support Program in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Myanmar that enables 500 children a year attend school. The programme is funded by private donations from Estonia.  We work with local partners to  improve the quality of education and infrastructure of schools in all of our target countries. In the field of economic livelihood, Mondo strengthens women’s business cooperatives set up in previous years in rural Ghana, Kenya and Uganda. We offer skills trainings, product improvement and access to new markets. In total, we reach over 350 women, who work in basket weaving, shea butter production, tailoring, poultry and agricultural business. In addition to that, Mondo runs development projects in Ukraine, Georgia, Afghanistan and Myanmar, and sends expert volunteers for 3-12 month deployments to work directly with its target communities to help implement the development goals set by Mondo and its local partners.

Below is a map of Mondo partner countries with a more detailed description of development cooperation activities. 


For more information on Mondo development cooperation, please contact:

Riina Kuusik-Rajasaar