Humanitarian Aid

One of the three main areas of NGO Mondo’s work is humanitarian aid. We focus on education, medicine, and WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) clusters.

We have been delivering humanitarian assistance since 2007. Our aim is to increase the capacity of humanitarian actors, both in Mondo itself, and in Estonia in general. In cooperation with Tallinn University, we have developed digital competence training for young people, which is suitable for use in post-crisis situations or refugee camps. Read more about digital competencies program here. Additionally, we have compiled a handbook on humanitarian aid and created a charity system to be able to support the communities in need. 


A disaster risk management capacity during the implementation of development cooperation is of great importance to us. There is a direct link between disasters and poverty. Natural disasters and other crises jeopardize the success of development cooperation. In the future, we want to develop disaster-risk reduction tools, models for risk management, and disaster prevention in the regions where Mondo has development cooperation programs, in particular in Afghanistan, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Ukraine.


NGO Mondo is Estonia’s first organization certified to send EU Aid Volunteers. See available vacancies and learn more about the opportunities here.


Our strategic goal is to be an experienced, capable, and trustworthy humanitarian aid organization.  See the map below to get to know about the countries in which we are currently active.


For more information regarding Mondo’s work in humanitarian aid, please contact:

Triinu Ossinovski