Responsible Consumerism

Responsible consumerism means a more equal and sustainable world through understanding the consequences of our decisions and actions on the individual, organisational or national level. Responsible consumerism is accessible to anyone and does not depend on one’s income. In order to create the habit of responsible consumerism, and for the law and selection of fairtrade products in stores to support making responsible choices, we take the following actions: 


  • We bring to life the principles of fair trade – we connect and recognize the friends of Fairtrade, we celebrate the Fairtrade Day in May and Fairtrade Week in October and we support the Estonian chocolate producers that are interested in obtaining a Fairtrade certification
  • We help chain grocery stores take responsibility for the supply chain, small farmers in developing countries and the producers involved in making their products
  • We promote solidarity economics – we look for ways in which sustainable economic models that care about people and environment could help reduce poverty and support a more just society
  • We promote social entrepreneurship, including Mondo Shop

Mondo social entrepreneurship helps artisans in developing countries to improve their high-quality products for the local market as well as for export, selling them also in Estonia. Artisans from Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and Afghanistan who are mainly women and young people with special needs, receive fair wages for their work. In addition to that, Mondo supports creating trade unions and improving working conditions. The baskets, sewing products, jewellery and cosmetics are sold in Mondo global citizenship education centre in Telliskivi Creative City. Responsible consumerism is something that everyone can practice – consume wisely, support socially responsible products and services, use products that have been produced fairly and speak up when we see waste.