The Afghan Teddy Bear for Peace

This time, leave the plastic car or doll for your little friend or relative in the store, and choose a merry-looking handmade teddy bear for peace made in rural areas of Afghanistan instead!

With this unique gift you will bring joy to children, and support these Afghan families, who make these teddy bears. The bears are dressed in different Afghan national dresses to preserve local traditions – in Afghanistan, it is common that girls as young as seven years of age are taught how to embroider and weave rugs. Since it is rather difficult to make human-sized national dress at first, the children practice on so to speak doll clothes. The bears and their costumes are handmade by Afghan women, and up to 5 women work on one bear. The bears are an important income for the women, and a message of peace from war-stricken Afghanistan.


Dimensions: height 18cm

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The handmade products of the Afghan entrepreneurship Silk Road Bamiyan are made by artisans in the Dragon Valley, which is a rural area of Afghanistan. The handmade rugs with embroiderings, and teddy bears wearing Afghan national dress help local women to preserve artisan skills and earn an income in the war-stricken country. NGO Mondo imports and sells Bamiyan products in Estonia to support Afghan women’s entrepreneurship and better welfare.