Toy animals from UGANDA

Fun rainbow-coloured toy animals will equally bring joy to a birthday kid, dear grandmother or a close colleague.

These cheerful toys from Uganda look like they have just jumped out of a children’s book – an orange lion, a green rhino and a turquoise giraffe! Isn’t it fun? Get yourself the entire Savannah!

The dimensions may vary depending on the animal, but are more or less 10×15 cm.


Each animal is handmade, often by people who do not know numbers or how to handle the measuring tape. Nonetheless, plenty of love and care has gone into the making of each of the animals. We hope that you will see the small differences in size, pattern and colour as part of their charm!

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Since 2018, Mondo has been supporting the Lugoro Tutte Disabled Group, a special group of people with disabilities in Gulu, northern Uganda. Today, they have 12 members – 4 men and 8 women – who aim to achieve economic independence: the members sew, knit, and do other handicrafts. Mondo offers them sewing training in order to develop their skills and improve product quality. The picture is of Okot, chairman of the Lugoro Tutte Disabled Group. Until 2007, Northern Uganda suffered from armed conflicts between the Lord’s Resistance Army led by Joseph Kony and the government.