Belt from Ghana

This belt, made of sunny and colorful African textile will instantly cheer up an unicolor dress!

Without a buckle – tie it just the way you like! Or use it as a headband! The belt has a colorful fabric on both sides, and is slightly padded to make it stiffer.


NB! The turquoise belt has brown fabric on the other side, and is wearable both ways.


Materials: Cotton, adhesive fabric. The fabrics may bleed. Wash separately at 30°C.

Dimensions: length ~2m 17cm, width 10cm,

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Our Ghanaian sewn goods are made in the Kongo village of northern Ghana. This is one of the most poverty-stricken areas in Ghana – a savannah area, where desertification and infertile soils make it difficult for families to feed themselves by traditional farming. One of the small business areas the women engage in is sewing – the village center is full of ateliers, where the villagers have their formal clothes made. Georgina, Constance, Lariba, and Pufaba are the seamstresses Mondo buys their sewn goods from. Additionally, with support from Mondo, four young girls are apprentices of Georgina. They have dropped out of primary school due to pregnancy at a young age, or poverty of the family, and are now studying to become seamstresses.