Desk Lamp for a Burmese Schoolchild

Most homes in Burma have only ceiling lighting, but in the mountain villages, even those are missing from homes. Therefore, children’s studying is directly linked with the sunset, which, due to the geographic layout of the country, happens around 5-6 p.m. all year round, leaving a very small amount of time for doing school homework.

Mondo’s partner in Burma – Rural Development Foundation of Shan State – organizes the development of education network in the Shan State of Burma. Today, the schools they have established offer primary education to ~950 students, and secondary education to ~50 teens. Children would benefit tremendously from the opportunity to study during free time and in the evenings or early mornings. For the children to do so without disturbing the whole family, and without damaging their eyesight, it is important that they have the opportunity to use desk lamps for doing homework. This goes for boarding houses, too, where lighting is a big issue and a major setback in doing schoolwork in the evening.

With this gift, you are sponsoring the Brilliant Fund, which supports schools and exceptional students in Ghana, Kenya, Burma, and Afghanistan.

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