Embroidered Silk Wallet

Made by talented Afghan craftsmen and decorated with copious cross-stitches, this raw silk wallet can also be used as a theater bag or an everyday purse for your valuables.

Each wallet is unique with no pattern or color combination repeated – this bag will certainly bring a sparkle into the eyes of every handicraft product lover! Raw silk is an extremely durable material, which, combined with timeless embroidery makes this bag a beloved accessory for years.

The wallet has two inner compartments and a closed coin pocket. There are no separate pockets for cards.


Dimensions: 10×20 cm

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Zardozi, Persian for “golden embroidering”, was created almost 30 years ago to give Afghan refugees an opportunity to earn an income in Pakistan. Today, thousands of Afghan women living in the rural areas of eastern Afghanistan or in the refugee camps of border areas earn a stable income through Zardozi by embroidering and creating handmade art. A personal income gives the women a stronger position in the family and the community, and enables them to get medical care and educate their children. NGO Mondo imports Zardozi’s products to Estonia to support Afghan women’s entrepreneurship and better welfare.