Fruit Basket Uganda

Colourful fruit baskets from Uganda are actually great for storing anything that your heart desires – bread, onions, cookies…

Dimensions: 26-28cm in diameter, 8.5cm in height


The product is a hand-woven from naturally colored straw. Do not keep in humidity for long periods, it may give color!

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fruit basket Uganda

Kikooba Primary School is located in Kiboga District, 80 km from the capital Kampala. The region was heavily affected by the bush wars of the 1980s and is now inhabited by extremely vulnerable people. The school was established as a community initiative to offer schooling opportunities to orphans and children from poor families. A group of women engaged in handicrafts are earning extra income for the school. However, their products require development and marketing. Mondo sent their first volunteer to Kikooba School in 2018.