A Goat for a Ghanaian Widow

Mondo gives goats as presents for three-membered women’s groups in the Kongo village of northern Ghana. The goats are divided in such a way that every woman gets a female goat who can reproduce.

In the Kongo village, which is situated near the southern border of the Sahara desert, domestic animals are an important means of income for widowed women during the end of the dry season. When food is scarce, women can go to the market and sell the offspring of domestic animals and birds, and earn additional money to buy food. With this gift, you support the livelihoods of Ghanaian women.

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Angelina Aweene is a wodow, who no longer can farm land after a bad fall during gathering firewood. Hubert the Goat, who gave birth to offspring last month, is like a savings account for the woman. Male baby goats can be sold at the market when in need for money. This is especially helpful during the dry season, when widows have a hard time to feed themselves and their families.

85% of the donation goes directly into the destination country.

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