medications to Eastern Ukraine

With this gift you support the hospitals of Luhansk and Donetsk with necessary medications and appliances. The medicinal needs of the local hospitals are constantly changing, and are coordinated immediately before sending the help.

NGO Mondo directs donated money to be used as food aid for people in the Luhansk and Donetsk area, medicinal aid for local hospitals, and supports the creation of a legal aid hotline for internally displaced persons. Read more at:

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This is the Svetlodarsk Hospital – the only health care centre in the conflicted city. As a result of the war, a part of the building is out of order, but regardless of this, the hospital is still running. Some windows no longer have glass to cover them, there are problems with electricity, and one side of the building has gotten hit by a shell. The workers of the hospital have not been paid for months, and the patients are being healed mostly with aid from crisis organizations. Mondo’s local partner  Vostok SOS delivered the medications that were bought with money gotten from auctioning artist Jarõna Ilo’s art to the hospital. Additionally, we have been able to support the Krasnoarmeysk Medical Centre and internally displaced persons needing food aid with the help of Jarõna Ilo. 

95% of the donation goes directly into the destination country.

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