Schoolbag for an Afghan School Girl

Textbooks and attending school is free for all Afghan children, but there is a lack of school appliances. Mondo has distributed over 120 schoolbags to Afghan girls during 2012-2015.

With this gift, you are sponsoring the Brilliant Fund, which supports schools and exceptional students in Ghana, Kenya, Burma, and Afghanistan.

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Mondo heateokingitus Afganistan

The Fatima Zahra School is maintained for several consecutive years thanks to financial support from the Estonian development assistance funds, which was applied for with the help of Mondo, and also thanks to support from Estonian donors. With the collected money, teachers’ wages are paid, and students get a schoolbag and some school supplies. The school was established by a former mujahid fighter, who, after being left wheelchair-bound, wanted to help other people with disabilities. The girls are from families where the mother or the father has been injured in a mine explosion, and lost a limb. Therefore it is difficult for them to find a job, and they are in a worse financial situation. 240 girls study at the school, and the formerly 6-class school has now grown into an 8-class school thanks to help from Mondo.

95% of the donation goes directly into the destination country.


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