Embroidered pillowcase from Afghanistan

Hand-embroidered luxurious pillowcases made by artisans from Afghanistan are the perfect home decor elements for the bedroom or living room sofa.

These pillowcases are incredibly detailed; different sizes, shapes, and colors of the stitches blend into a single, delightful whole. Love and care that has gone into producing these pillowcases is visible to anyone! A perfect gift for a loved one, but why not also for decorating your home!


Dimensions: 39×39 cm.

One side of the pillowcase is decorated with embroidery, the other is monochrome fabric, has a zipper for opening. Pillow is not included.

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tikandiga padi

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The handmade products of the Afghan entrepreneurship Silk Road Bamiyan are made by artisans in the Dragon Valley, which is a rural area of Afghanistan. The handmade rugs with embroiderings and teddy bears wearing Afghan national dress help local women to preserve artisan skills and earn an income in the war-stricken country. NGO Mondo imports and sells Bamiyan products in Estonia to support Afghan women’s entrepreneurship and better welfare.