Apply to become a volunteer with Mondo before May 21st

Mondo’s first round of deploying volunteers will have 9 positions in Ghana, Georgia, Kenya, and Uganda. First applications close on May 21, 2023, deployments will start in June and last 6-9 months. Applications are open to all citizens of the European Union between the ages of 18 and 35.

The deployments in Ghana will take place in Kongo village, North Ghana. ICT teacher will develop and implement ICT training programs for the surrounding schools. The Climate Change Specialist is expected to provide technical assistance in raising the communities capacity when facing climate change-related challenges and the gender specialist will advance the fundamental rights of all children, particularly girls.

The deployments in Georgia will last for 9 months, and the volunteers will be working with topics of youth work and social entrepreneurship.

In Kenya, volunteers will be deployed in Mondo’s partner community in Shianda Village, Kakamega County. A midwife or nurse helps raise people’s awareness of family planning and various diseases and nutrition. The volunteer also supports the local hospital in training nurses. ICT specialists will aid to raise the capacity of the local organisation WEFOCO and develop IT programs in local schools. The community development expert supports the community tailor shop.

In Uganda, we are looking for volunteers to work on product development and marketing in cooperatives for women with disabilities in Gulu, Kampala, and Kikooba. In addition, there are positions for community development and social work specialist, and for education and digital specialists.

More information about all the positions is available on Mondo’s website, where you can also apply.

Those interested in applying, need to complete an EU humanitarian aid training beforehand. For that go on the EU youths portal to create a profile, then indicate your interest in Humanitarian Aid Volunteering and select the option “Humanitarian aid training” (not General Online Training).

Over the years Mondo has deployed more than 100 expert volunteers and has 16 open positions for upcoming years.

Mondo will deploy volunteers to Ghana, Georgia, Kenya, and Uganda through the European Solidarity Corps Humanitarian Aid Strand to support communities and local host organisations. Deployment is supported by the European Commission.

More information: ecsd@mondo.org.ee


Mondo, together with Clanbeat, brings a new mental health solution to Ukraine


Using Clanbeat’s solution, the mental well-being of school families in the Zhytomyr region will be mapped, providing a better overview of the impact of the war on the mental well-being of young people and school staff, and connecting them with the most suitable support services. “The war has led the people of Ukraine into a