Mondo operates in twelve lower income countries worldwide aiming to reduce global inequality. The list of countries can be found below.

The world is still rife with inequality between countries, as well as within countries, e.g., between cities and rural areas. In other words, the place where a person is born plays an immense role in their further opportunities and life. Global inequality often has its roots in history. Politics, wars, colonialism, corruption, exploitation etc. are the reasons why some areas have not developed as quickly, and often-times other areas have developed at their expense (by using their cheap labour, evading taxes, exporting natural resources etc.).

Guaranteeing equal opportunities to communities and individuals is Mondo’s main goal. Inequality can be reduced by access to healthcare, education, digital development, and also creating subsistence opportunities and mitigating environmental impact. Mondo aims its activities towards lower income countries and communities which have been disregarded for one reason or another—women, children, youth, refugees and the displaced. In all of those countries, we cooperate with local partnership organisations that know the needs of the communities and actively contribute to finding solutions.