The NGO Mondo develops and sells handicrafts from partner communities in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and Afghanistan to improve the welfare of women and people with disabilities.

Mondo has been active in social entrepreneurship since 2013, when the first baskets from Ghana, accessories from Uganda and Kenya, and beautifully embroidered bags and cushion covers from Afghanistan arrived to Estonia, and were sold during Christmas time at a pop-up store in Tallinn’s Telliskivi Creative City. We received a lot of positive feedback and realized that Estonians wanted to purchase goods that have a story, that they consider it important for a product to be bought directly from artisans, whom Mondo often knows by name, and to support their livelihoods through their purchase. We have come a long way since our first little store: we have sent volunteer designers from Estonia to develop products in project communities, offered support in the creation of artisan cooperatives to teach new apprentices and to improve overall quality. We have also invested in the establishment of a shea butter factory, offered a workplace environment for Ghana’s basket weavers, and founded of a store-atelier in Uganda.


Why women?

In our entrepreneurship programs, we have put special emphasis on women, since studies have found a woman invests 99% of her income into her family, whereas a man invests only 30-40%. We believe and see, how a stable income enables artisans to improve their living, to take care of their family’s health as well as their own, and to educate their children for a prolonged period. This, in turn, improves self-esteem and -belief. Mondo supports local artisans in product development, as well as in improving quality and finding a foreign market for their goods. More often than not, the greatest impact arises from the fact that there are people who believe in them, who believe that they can develop their enterprises, and are therefore worthy of their communities’ esteem. Read more about the communities where the products originate.


Our credo:

  • We act on the principles of fair trade, which means that we pay fair wages to artisans, and ensure their good working conditions.
  • Social entrepreneurship must be self-sufficient – therefore all of the money received from sold products will not go straight to artisans, as the expenses made on transportation, taxes, labeling, sales, and marketing are also included in the price.
  • Profit received from the sales of the products is channeled back to the communities of the artisans – to expand entrepreneurship and to improve the livelihoods of their communities.

Thank you!

We are grateful to the Kodanikuühiskonna Sihtkapital (National Foundation of Civil Society) for supporting the drafting and launching of Mondo’s social entrepreneurship business plan. We would also like to thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with whose support we have invested in necessary equipment and workrooms in Ghana and Kenya, funded product development and specialized trainings, and supported many of our volunteers in assisting those artisans in faraway countries, while helping market their goods in Estonia. And we owe the greatest thanks to you, as you purchase Mondo’s products and therefore contribute to a more equal world!


The NGO Mondo Shop is open Mon-Thu 12-17 at our office in Telliskivi Creative City.

Address: Telliskivi 60a, B-building, 10412 Tallinn


Phone: +372 677 5445 and +372 55 672 714


We are located in the courtyard, opposite to the entrance of the Vaba Lava theatre.

Should you wish to visit the store at another time, please call us in advance!


The Mondo Store is also present at different fairs and festivals. Follow us on Facebook to stay in the know!