EVS “Equal Opportunities for All: supporting empowerment of disabled youth in Kampala, Uganda” (March 2013-Januray 2015)

In the period of March 2013-Januray 2015 MTÜ Mondo is sending two volunteers to the capital on Uganda, Kampala, with the support of the „Youth in Action“ programme.

Volunteers will be placed in a social enterprise run for disabled youth in Uganda for 10 months. The first volunteer will start his/her volunteering period in April 2013. The second vounteer in February 2014. In returning to Estonia, the volunteers will develop and carry out global education activities in schools and youth centres.
The social enterprise of “Pop-Up café” was established with volunteer work in 2012 with the support of NGO Mondo and UPA to give employment opportunities for disabled young people in Kampala. The new volunteers’ tasks will include supporting the organisation and marketing of the newly established cafeteria. At the same time, the volunteers will also hold life skills and health education courses for their fellow local volunteers.
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
Further information:
On the project: Siisi Saetalu, siisi@mondo.org.ee, tel. (+372) 58 04 0295


Christmas donation from Estonian start-up Jobbatical


A Christmas donation of 2000 EUR was recently made to NGO Mondo from Jobbatical, an Estonian start-up and a cross-border job portal which has over 270,000 users all over the world.  The donation was made on behalf of all Jobbatical partners and clients. NGO Mondo will use the donation to help support 260 orphans and