Mondo will deploy new volunteers through EU Solidarity Corps

Mondo will deploy new volunteers to Kenya, Ghana, Georgia and Uganda this spring under the EU Solidarity Corps. Those interested in applying need to complete a specific EU training beforehand.

• Go on the EU youths portal to create a profile to begin
• Indicate your interest in Humanitarian Aid Volunteering.
• Select the option “Humanitarian aid training” (not General Online Training).

This training is compulsory for candidates who would like to volunteer under the European Solidarity Corps. Only candidates who are trained can be a part of the selection pool. For more information visit EU youths portal.

“Volunteering is not only a great way to immerse yourself in a new culture but also allows you to give yourself an opportunity to grow in more ways than you have ever imagined. For a lot of Mondo volunteers, their deployments are usually the first of their kind to such sometimes remote communities. Everything is different: the sights and sounds, food, mannerisms and body language and even the accents sometimes pose a challenge to the ears. But, this is what brings beauty. Volunteers have explained that it is a valuable experience for their careers and private lives. They develop new interests and become skilled, they learn a lot about themselves, create new relationships, develop their sense of flexibility and adapt to a different life. 

The communities that accept the volunteers also have similar experiences in the development of skills and learning more about the different cultures and parts of the world,” writes Mondo’s Volunteers’ Program Manager Hajara Tafida-Isa.

Over the years Mondo has deployed more than 100 expert volunteers. New applications will open in February.


Mondo improved winter housing for Ukrainian IDPs


Mondo renovated and provided winter aid to ten accommodation centers in Eastern Ukraine, where hundreds of internally displaced people (IDP) reside. Having safe and warm accomodation helps them to survive the winter and supports their livelihood. Liudmyla Ivanivna has been living in room 403 of the Kharkiv accommodation center for the past year. “It wasn’t