Tomorrow, August 24, the Independence Day of Ukraine, let’s take at least one minute out of our day to say: “Ukraine, You are not alone!”

Exactly six months ago, Russia started a full-scale war to destroy Ukraine. During this time, Ukrainians have proved to the world that they love their country. At the same time, this war has proven that no one can win a war by being alone. Ukraine still needs our support!

How can you contribute?

  •       Take a picture of yourself with your friends and the Ukrainian flag.
  •       If you don’t have a flag, show Ukraine’s blue and yellow colors in the picture.
  •       You can take a picture at home, but it’s even better if you go to a recognizable place in your neighborhood
  •       If you can, add your favorite word in Ukrainian to the picture. The leaders of Russia have said that they want to destroy this language, but we show that this language is strong and beautiful.
  •       Upload your picture to postimees.ee/ukraina, where a picture gallery visible to everyone will be created.
  •       Make sure to post the picture on your social media using the hashtag  #ukrainaminut.
  •       Post a picture on August 24, Independence Day of Ukraine.

All this takes only one minute of your day, but this minute is important. A collage picture is created from the sent photos, which will be gifted to Ukraine by the Estonian state.


Mondo restored two schools in Ukraine


In addition to the restoration of schools in Mykolaiv and Zaporizhzhia region, teachers from both schools participated in training on psychosocial support and digital learning. The war in Ukraine affected education in Ukraine – as of the end of 2022, war activity has damaged 2,619 educational institutions, of which 406 have been destroyed. In addition,