Raising the Capacity of NRC and NGO MONDO

Project Name: Raising the Capacity of The Norwegian Refugee Council and NGO MONDO to offer digital education to the youth in emergency context

Project Period: 15.03.2020-14.03.2021

Funded by EEA Grants Active Citizens Fund through Open Estonia Foundation and Network of Estonian Non-Profit Organizations

The aim of the project is to create a partnership with Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) to exchange experience in digital education in emergencies. NGO Mondo has developed a unique digital competencies program that has been piloted in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Uganda. NRC is one of the leading international aid organizations with ongoing programs for the vulnerable youth in 21 countries. They have strategic interest to engage more digital solutions into their education programs because the complexity of today’s ́ crisis have turned traditional education programs inadequate. Digital programs require less human resources and funding.

In the course of the project NGO Mondo will carry out study visits to the NRC education programs in Uganda and Ethiopia to assess the needs for implementing NGO Mondo digital competencies program, and to exchange experiences in monitoring and evaluation. Uganda and Ethiopia are the two biggest refugee receiving countries in Africa. NGO Mondo and NRC head office will also map out plans for future partnerships in digital education for the refugee youth globally.


Project Manager: Siisi Saetalu