Capacity building of Helmand province central hospital (Bost hospital) in Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Capacity building of Helmand province central hospital (Bost hospital) in Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

 The project’s aim is to build capacity of medical assistance provided in Bost hospital (the central hospital of Helmand province) by purchasing, delivery and handover of certain medical equipment. This project is a sub-project of the project “Support of Establishment and Development of Sustainable Healthcare System in Helmand Province of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan”.


The project has been completed in mid-February, when the following equipment has been donated to the Bost Hospital, Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province:


1 medical oxygene/air distribution system 

1 vertical sterilizer  

4 emergency wheelstretchers   

6 wheelchairs    

2 automatic syringes   

2 aspirators    

2 tabletop sterilizers     

30 emergency neckcollars  

90 cramer-Schienen splints  

1 fibrebronchoscope    

1 zone convertible ultrasound system    

400 crutches


The cost of donated equipment equalled to 2 664 770 EEK (170 310 EUR).


The project was financed from the development cooperation and humanitarian aid fund of the Minsitry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia.

Project manager – Riina Laigo, Member of the Board of NGO Mondo.

Published notices:

http://northshorejournal.org/estonia-donates-medical-equipment-to-afghanistan http://www.otan.nato.int/isaf/docu/pressreleases/2009/02/pr090221-169.html http://www.baltic-course.com/eng/baltic_news/?doc=2603 http://forums.hannity.com/showthread.php?p=49490471 http://northshorejournal.org/tag/lashkar-gah http://www.nato.int/isaf/docu/pressreleases/2009/02/pr090220-169.html[/lang_en]



Christmas donation from Estonian start-up Jobbatical


A Christmas donation of 2000 EUR was recently made to NGO Mondo from Jobbatical, an Estonian start-up and a cross-border job portal which has over 270,000 users all over the world.  The donation was made on behalf of all Jobbatical partners and clients. NGO Mondo will use the donation to help support 260 orphans and