We support our partner organizations in bringing innovation to their education programs. 

The general aim of Mondo’s Digital Competencies Program (MDCP) is to increase the level of digital competences of refugee youth in order to improve their ability to use digital tools and online information to solve everyday problems as well as achieve their (personal and professional) goals.

MDCP has been developed for a refugee or emergency context in accordance to the European Digital Competence Framework (“DigComp”) and its five key components. The program will allow participants to enhance the following skills:

  • 1)  Information and data literacy – understanding one’s information needs and finding relevant digital content; storing, managing, and organising content.
  • 2)  Communication and collaboration – communicating and collaborating digitally and managing one’s digital identity and reputation.
  • 3)  Digital content creation – creating and editing digital content.
  • 4)  Safety – protecting personal data and privacy in digital
  • 5)  Problem solving – identifying and resolving problems, using digital
    tools to innovate.

The program includes the following modules: Computer ABC, Digital Safety and Hygiene, Google Tools and Online Presence, ABC of Smartphone Photography, ABC of Design, Social Media Marketing & Creating a Website with Google Sites. The program material is relevant and timely, and focuses on practical skills as opposed to theory. The program is taught on computers and smartphones to ensure that the participants are capable of using the full potential of smartphones in their work, since the latter are more accessible and available for frequent use. We start with practical apps useful to refugees straight away, from zero (turning on a computer) to building a simple website – 100 hours only

MDCP has been composed with input from experts from Tallinn University’s School of Digital Technologies and private sector experts in Estonia.

What do we offer our partner organizations?

  • Innovation to your education program.
  • Personalised and flexible support throughout the program
  • Concrete participant success report

How does this work?

The program lasts for 6 months

  • We carry out a needs assessment;
  • We adjust the course material to partner organization needs;
  • Our team of experts carries out a 5-day TOT to your trainers;
  • Your trainers’ team teaches the course to refugee youth;
  • We support your trainers team through WhatsApp;
  • We carry out a results assessment and deliver you the report.
  • Throughout the process a dedicated project manager will be there to support you and your organisation where needed.

Where have we Worked so far?

Mondo Digital Competencies Program is taught in two refugee settlement Vocational Centres in South Western Uganda through our partnership with a Finnish NGO Finn Church Aid, and to urban refugees in Kampala at YARID training centre.
The program material was also used for capacity training for the members of Uganda Pioneers Association. 

We carried out a teacher training in Northern Ghana in Kongo Village in Nov 2019.

We have also implemented the program in Arabic for Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon.

We have adjusted the programme both to advanced level and to beginner level.


How do we Measure the Results?

At the beginning of the project Mondo team will carry out needs assessment to ensure that the program material is adjusted to the relevant specific needs and skills level. The team will also carry out mid-term evaluation visits to evaluate progress. Focus group interviews with participants will be carried out. At the end of the project final evaluation will be carried out by the Mondo team.

Additionally, at the beginning of the training program, all participants must fill in the pre-assessment form. After each module, all participants will take an assessment test. After the program is finished, all participants must fill in the post-assessment form. This information will be gathered by the Mondo team and a detailed success report will be delivered based on that.

Want to partner with us or need more information?

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Digital Skills and Estonia

Estonia is a small country belonging to the European Union. The country regained its independence only in 1991, after being occupied by the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany for over 50 years. After regaining independence, the country was a mess – the economy was destroyed, development levels were low, and many people had left the country during the occupation years. But today everything has changed. 

The magazine Wired recently named Estonia ‘the most advanced digital society in the world’ and big and innovative ICT brands such as Skype, Bolt (previously Taxify), Transferwise can call Estonia their home country. Citizens of Estonia use the Internet to pay their taxes, enrol their children to school, vote in the elections, register businesses, do their banking and almost anything one can imagine. 

Thanks to the digital development of our society, the country became internationally known. 

NGO Mondo’s Digital Competencies educational package was born out of the wish to share Estonia’s digital development experiences with vulnerable communities.

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