Mondo’s Digital Competencies Program

Digitalisation can be a story of hope and opportunities. But it can also be a story of being left out, of being stranded on the other side of the digital gap. We want to change that.

NGO Mondo’s Digital Competencies Progam gives refugee youth, teachers and vulnerable communities the skills and tools needed to actively participate in society.

Digital Competencies DigComp

Mondo’s Digital Competencies Program (DCP) is about digital literacy and computer skills, but it’s also about using digital devices and the Internet proactively as a tool to engage with society on a professional, educational and personal level.


While also encompassing the basics of device usage, the program puts a special emphasis on safety and problem-solving. To further the impact, smartphones are central to the program – as the participants are most likely to own a smartphone as their first digital device, the program provides them with relevant and easily applicable everyday skills.


Mondo’s DCP is based on the DigComp framework and has been developed with the Principles for Digital Development in mind. The structure of the programme is based on the five key aspects of the European Commission’s DigComp framework: information and data literacy, communication and collaboration, digital content creation, safety, and problem-solving. Exact lesson plans are adjusted to fit the baseline knowledge level of each beneficiary group.

Before starting the program, our team conducts a needs assessment on location. Based on the findings, we adjust a suitable lesson plan based on a variety of content modules:


  • Apps to Develop Literacy
  • Computer ABC
  • Digital Safety and Hygiene
  • Google Tools and Online Presence
  • ABC of Smartphone Photography
  • ABC of Smartphone Videography
  • ABC of Design
  • ABC of Financial Literacy and Business
  • Entrepreneurship in Digital Settings (mini-hackathon)
  • Social Media and Marketing
  • Creating a Website

The content modules have been created with input from researchers from Tallinn University’s School of Digital Technologies and private sector experts in Estonia.

Mondo's Digital Competencies Program

Our work

Mondo’s Digital Competencies Programme has been implemented in East Africa and the Middle East. We have been training refugee youth in Uganda since 2019 and the program has been taught to refugees in Jordan and disadvantaged youth in Syria.


In 2021 we are expanding Digital Competencies Programme to teachers in Uganda and Kenya, and to refugee women in Kenya.


We have adjusted the programme both to a beginner level and mid-level audience and in each location, the programme is adjusted to the local context and beneficiary base-level skills. The material is currently available in English and Arabic.

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Why Mondo’s Digital Competencies Program?

Mondo’s Digital Competencies Programme begun in 2017 as a collaboration between NGO Mondo, Tallinn University and experts from the Estonian start-up sector. We brought together people who help kick-start start-ups and inspire entrepreneurs through hackathons with people who work with teachers and digitalisation in public education. The collaboration between digital entrepreneurs and providers of public services has been one of the key components in Estonia’s success globally. Our aim is to bring Estonian digital success to Mondo’s humanitarian aid programmes as well.


Despite its small size, Estonia is a digital society where many ground-breaking start-ups originate from. Estonian basic education is number one in Europe and among the best in the entire world. Digitalisation has simplified a lot in Estonia – it is normal for Estonians to use online services to report their taxes in 3 minutes or register a new business in 15 minutes. Click on the links to read more about the start-up scene and education system of Estonia.

How can you Contribute?

Although the Internet is considered a human right in Estonia, it is not the case in many places of the world. The data connection prices in Eastern Africa are times higher than those in Estonia and become one of the major challenges for digital competencies trainings. It costs around 180 euros to enable an Internet connection for 40 learners to pass Mondo DCP. Contribute to Mondo’s Brilliant Fund to help us cover that cost and reach more beneficiaries.

If you would like to contribute with your skills and knowledge, please see our open volunteer positions for any matches or e-mail us with any concrete idea or proposal.