Support Mondo

NGO Mondo is an Estonian independent organization dedicated to development cooperation, global education, and humanitarian aid.

Mondo’s main areas of work are the following::

  • development cooperation with local partners in destination countries;
  • global education activities for the Estonian society;
  • giving and developing humanitarian aid.

Mondo finances its activities with the help of different projects and private donations, and has since its creation in 2007 been working without continuous financial support.

We highly appreciate your interest in contributing to our work.

Mondo’s donation policy:

  • 85% of donations collected in Estonia go directly into the destination country. 15% is used to cover administrative costs in Estonia (e.g transaction costs, project managing costs, logistics).
  • We are familiar with the problems and needs of the supported communities; our work is high-quality and has long-term effects.
  • Mondo does not collect and send items to destination countries, except in special circumstances.
  • Mondo is listed as an organization not liable for value added tax, and therefore natural persons are entitled to a value added tax refund from donations. Donations made by legal persons to NGO Mondo are also free of value added tax. Both are held by tax free donation limitations that are attributed by the Value-Added Tax Act of the Republic of Estonia.

NGO Mondo has joined the good custom of charitable collections.

You can support Mondo’s projects and activities by making a donation to the NGO Mondo donation account in the SEB bank: IBAN EE491010220099409013. SWIFT: EEUHEE2X