Estonian UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network


CONTACT: UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network in Estonia is coordinated by NGO Mondo, Johanna Helin, johanna[at]mondo.org.ee, the Coordinator for UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network.
UNESCO ASSOCIATED SCHOOLS PROJECT NETWORK (Associated Schools Project network – ASPnet)
UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network was founded in 1953 in order to promote better understanding between people and peace in the world. Today, the network consists of more than 8500 schools worldwide. The UNESCO Associated Schools status is a quality label, which shows that the school is more open, aware, active and innovative in certain fields.

The Associated Schools Project Network functions thanks to dedicated teachers, who wish to give additional education to their students, broaden the views of themselves and their students and be more tolerant! All of us together wish to ensure peace in the world through receiving and sharing knowledge. The purposed of the Estonian UNESCO Associated Schools is to offer possibilities for the students to promote peace, tolerance and democracy both in Estonia, as well as in more global terms. The priorities include global education, multiculturalism and environmentally sustainable development in the Baltic Sea region.

The activities of schools participating in the network are not limited to a certain list. We expect to see a creative approach from the teachers and students, help/ inspiration can be found from past activities (read from the bar on the left). The coordinator for the associated schools can also be turned to for advice.
Activities of the associated schools focus on four main topics:
– global hot spots and the role of the UN in solving them
– human rights, democracy and tolerance
– intercultural learning and understanding
– the environment and sustainable development
Schools carry out different projects, which introduce innovative methods and approach in the field of education in their country. At the same time, participating schools can exchange experiences with other associated schools in 176 countries and participate in different video conferences and international events.
At the meeting of the Estonian National Commission for UNESCO on 30 April 2010, a framework  and the criteria were approved for schools that provide additional information.
Active schools are welcome to apply to the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network each autumn!

Mondo restored two schools in Ukraine


In addition to the restoration of schools in Mykolaiv and Zaporizhzhia region, teachers from both schools participated in training on psychosocial support and digital learning. The war in Ukraine affected education in Ukraine – as of the end of 2022, war activity has damaged 2,619 educational institutions, of which 406 have been destroyed. In addition,