Shea Butter Soap

Mondo’s amazing unrefined shea butter is handmade in the Kongo village of northern Ghana, out of shea nuts picked from the trees of the wild savannah areas surrounding the village. The soap itself is made in Estonia from natural ingredients and packaged in an environmentally friendly 100-gram paper package.

Ingredients: 100% natural unrefined shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil

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Mondo’s shea butter is made by Kongo Community Development Widows Association in the Kongo village of northern Ghana. Shea butter is often called African women’s gold, and it has been used for cooking and caring for babies’ skin for thousands of years. In the Kongo village, every woman can prepare shea butter, but with the help of Mondo and the Estonian development assistance funds, the village now has a shea butter production center, which allows to produce and package larger amounts for export. Making shea butter offers local women working in the association an opportunity to earn an important additional income, which they invest in educating their children and ensuring a better food selection for their families.