Water for GhanA

With this gift, you support vulnerable communities in northern Ghana who are suffering from the effects of climate change. With the donations, we help create sustainable solutions for the community by ensuring valuable water reaches women’s cooperatives in a sustainable way, which supports both their social entrepreneurship and tree planting.

Climate change has already reached a critical level in many regions of the world. Nations living in the equatorial region are particularly affected – the average temperature is already high, and its further increase will render larger and larger areas uninhabitable. This is the case, for example, in Mondo’s partner community, Kongo village. 


The village in northern Ghana is situated on the border of the desert and has traditionally been an agricultural community. Climate change, with increasingly infertile soils and irregular rainfall, has made farming difficult. However, it remains the main source of livelihood for the local communities.

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85% of the donation goes directly into the destination country
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