Scholarship for researching migration from Afghanistan

NGO Mondo is announcing an international scholarship competition intended for journalists and journalism students for researching migration from Afghanistan. We invite journalists of up to 35 years of age from Estonia, Finland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland to apply and establish international research groups. The size of one group is a minimum of three people from three different countries. A total of 5,000 euros will be awarded in scholarships. The scholarship will be awarded to one research group.

Taliban’s rise to power in Afghanistan has brought the country on the brink of a humanitarian disaster and increased migration to neighbouring countries. The scholarship allows journalists to focus on various aspects of migration from Afghanistan. For example, by portraying the Afghan people already living in Europe and focussing on their integration experiences and/or by studying the consequences of the migration flows for neighbouring countries.

The scholarships will be awarded in the framework of the project Shared Journeys: Facts and Stories of Migration in the 21st Century co-financed by the European Commission, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Estonia, the National Foundation of Civil Society, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia from funds of development cooperation and humanitarian aid. The main purpose of the project is to facilitate a more open, inclusive, and peaceful attitude towards migration and migrants.

As a result of the research, each research group must publish at least two articles or pieces of media content in another format. The scholarship application deadline is 20 January 2022. The media content must be completed in 6 months after the scholarship has been awarded.

To apply, please submit the required documents (in English):

– CVs of the journalists in the research group

– a joint motivation letter with a short description of the approach to the topic (max 1 A4) and the grant amount required

– overview of outlets where the group plans to publish their media content (name of publication/channel, readership / number of subscribers). If the research group plans to publish media content in international outlets, please specify them.

Requirements to candidates:

– scholarships are awarded to research groups consisting of journalists from several countries

– we prefer working groups that wish to publish their joint writings in international media outlets in addition to national media

– we invite journalists of up to 35 years of age and/or journalism students to apply. If a research group is international, at least one of the team members from each state must comply with this condition

– applicants must guarantee that their media content will be published in the media outlets of their country.

Please send the required documents to the e-mail address ave@mondo.org.ee by 20 January 2022.

Photo: Peeter Raudsik, 2015


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