Estonian Health Care Aid in Southern Afghanistan Lowers Death Rate

Deputy Governor of Helmand Province Abdul Satar Miszakwali and the chief doctor of Lashkar Gah’s Bost Hospital Dr. Enaytullah Ghafary confirmed in their meeting with Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet that Estonia’s contributions to building up the health care system in Helmand Province are very necessary and they would like for the aid to continue.Foreign Minister Paet stated that Estonia has focused on the development of Helmand Province’s medical care services with its aid projects. “By sending a health care expert and implementing health care aid projects, we have managed to help the further development of medical care services in Helmand. However, there is still a lot to be done—for example, the death rate among women and children is still tragically high. Also, there are 70 000 narcotics addicts in Helmand, as well as many people injured in accidents or attacks,” Paet added. Deputy Governor of Helmand Miszakwal also said that he hopes first and foremost for help in reducing the death rate among women and children, treating drug addicts, and providing additional training for doctors. Paet stated that Afghanistan is Estonia’s primary destination for development aid and that among its aid projects the medical care system is most important, because it will allow real improvement in the quality of life of Afghan people. “Right now one of the projects going on with the help of our health care expert is the creation of Bost Hospital ambulances, the goal of which is to have four ambulances and ambulance teams starting work over the next two years,” added Paet. Since March 2008, an Estonian health care expert has been working in the city of Lashkar Gah´, whose responsibility it is to consult for Helmand’s medical sector and co-ordinate the arrival of international aid. Paet and Miszakwal also addressed the political and security situation in southern Afghanistan prior to the upcoming presidential elections. According to the deputy governor, the number of people who have registered to vote exceeded expectations and maximum security needs to be guaranteed during the elections. Paet said that the addition of 17 000 US soldiers to the region will help to improve the security situation in Helmand. “Others things that are essential are the battle against narcotics and enabling locals residents to grow other kinds of crops. It is also necessary to begin negotiations with all the moderate societal groups in order to achieve a lasting peace,” said Paet. SPOKESPERSON’S OFFICE +372 637 7654 +372 521 6821 pressitalitus@mfa.ee



NGO Mondo announces a call for proposals in Germany


On 18 August 2020 NGO Mondo from Estonia announced the Call for proposals to support projects under the project “I Am European”: Migration Stories & Facts for the 21st Century! in the framework of “Raising public awareness of development issues and promoting development education in the European Union DEAR”. The aim of the project is