Mondo’s volunteers will share their stories on Tartu studentdays

Three Mondo volunteers will join Tartu Studentdays on the 27th of April, to share in a storytelling method their experiences as volunteers. Eve, Saile and Marten’s stories will give insight into the daily lives of women’s cooperatives, IT class or local organisations in Mondo’s partner communities in Africa. The stories are told in English and in Estonia and the event from 11 – 13 is for free, but please reserve your spot here.

Mondo has been deploying volunteers worldwide since 2009, and “Tales from The Trail” offers a platform to share their experiences with those curious about life in these seemingly faraway and enigmatic locations. “Storytelling has great power. It transcends boundaries and fosters empathy. Whether you’re interested in volunteer opportunities, seeking to broaden your cultural understanding, or simply curious about life in Africa, this event promises to inspire, educate, and ignite meaningful conversations,” says Mondo’s volunteers program manager Hajara Tafida-Isa. 

In the focus of three stories are reducing inequality, challenging perceptions and embarking on a journey. 

“The bad comes with the good. Every time we use the IT class, laptops show new mistakes. This is why every week I head over to Bolga with laptops in my backpack to fix them. It is difficult to learn typing if, ifyourspace doesn´t work. An obstacle is also the fact that the centre has 25 laptops but only 10 mice,” shares volunteer Marten about his deployment in Kongo village, Ghana. 

The event is a part of Tartu Studentdays 2024. See more: www.studentdays.ee. See event details in Facebook. Volunteers share their stories at Tartu Oskar Luts Library.

Deployment of Mondo volunteers is supported by the European Commission. See vacant positions here.


Mondo is seeking a project coordinator in Ukraine


Job description: The part time/full-time project coordinator is responsible for supporting the project implementation locally in Ukraine by mostly facilitating the exchange between the Tallinn office and the beneficiaries as well as organising local activities and events. See the ad here.  Job location: Ukraine, Kyiv Tasks: Supporting project manager and project team; Organising open calls