Oxygen Delivery System in Bosti Hospital Helps to Save Lives

On 6 August 2009 the oxygen delivery system in Bosti Hospital was officially placed in operation. The opening ceremony was attended by the Vice Governor of the Helmand Province Mr Sattar, Head of the provincial Health Office dr Enayatullah and Health Adviser to the PRT Ms Anu Raisma.In 2008, in the framework of NGO Mondo project the Estonian Foreign Ministry supported the acquisition of an oxygen delivery system, an autoclave, gurneys, wheelchairs, aspirators, throat masks, sterilisers, splints, crutches, and an ultrasound machine for the central hospital of Helmand Province. Estonia supported the paediatric ward of the Helmand central hospital in 2007 with 1.1 million kroons, which was used to purchase portable oxygen generators and warming beds for underweight and premature infants. At the beginning of 2008, Estonia helped obtain diesel fuel for Bost Hospital’s electrical generator, which allowed for hospital rooms to be lit and heated and for medical equipment to continue running during the winter months. PRT engineers took care of preparatory works for the installation of the system. Working drawings were ready in April, installation began in June and was finished by mid-July. In the end of July the first child inhaled oxygen from the newly installed delivery system. See photos from the opening ceremony here.



NGO Mondo announces a call for proposals in Germany


On 18 August 2020 NGO Mondo from Estonia announced the Call for proposals to support projects under the project “I Am European”: Migration Stories & Facts for the 21st Century! in the framework of “Raising public awareness of development issues and promoting development education in the European Union DEAR”. The aim of the project is