Critical and Ethical Global Education

Project period: January 2023 – March 2024

Project donor: Erasmus+

Project partners: The Peace Education Institute (Soome) and schools from Estonia, Portugal and Finland (listed in the text below)

The aim of the “Critical and Ethical Global Education – Heading up to Safer Schools” (CEGE) project is to build well-being and socially just educational eco-systems. To reach this aim, the objectives of the CEGE are to deepen educational professionals’ and students’ knowledge and understanding about global responsibility, and to boost their interest to engage and willingness to act for sustainability, equality and equity.

Thematically CEGE will focus on ethical and critical global education, social responsibility and sustainability, non-discrimination, and the creation of safer spaces within and beyond school environments. In practise, our work around the core themes of the CEGE is guided by two learning and teaching materials and methods, HEADSUP and SAFER – Learning Diary, to be contextualised and utilised in the project.

CEGE comprises of set of activities: arrangement of international workshops and study-circles; development of teaching and learning materials and methods; and settling of a solid professional network for peer support and future collaboration. Activities of the CEGE are directed first and foremost for teacher and their professional development. However, the direct and indirect target groups are brought together in challenging the nature of the knowledge and the “knower”, and in encouraging teachers and students to move towards co-creation of knowledge, on the one hand, and collaborative and participatory learning processes, on the other.

The partnerschools of the project are in Estonia Sindi Gümnaasium, Kuristiku Gümnaasium, Sillaotsa Kool, Pelgulinna Riigigümnaasium and Mustamäe Riigigümnaasum. In Portugal the schools Santa Maria Maiori and Barroselas and in Finland Jääli, Hiukkavaara and Knuutilankangas schools.

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Maria Sakarias