Solar-powered food dryers to Uganda, Kenya, and Georgia

Project period: October 2023 – September 2025

Project donor: Environmental Investment Centre

Project partners: Nordic Solardry OÜ, CIVS Kenya, MCAFS, Association Merkuri

Project size: 204 830 €

Food is a vital part of our every day, but for millions of people, the daily meal is not tacit. Nearly 820 million people faced food insecurity at severe levels in 2020. This means that food is not available to them on a stable daily basis. Droughts, showers and other changes in weather patterns due to climate change will further increase the number of people suffering from food insecurity.

In Mondo’s partner communities in Uganda, Kenya and Georgia, there were 72,1 million people facing food insecurity in 2020. At the same time, those communities live in areas where a variety of nutritious and delicious produce – papayas, bananas, sweet potatoes, corn and much more – grow on a seasonal basis. However, all of these are ripe at once, putting people in a situation where at one point they have a huge amount of food in their hands, which they are unable to preserve.

Together with Nordic Solardry OÜ/GlobeDry and with the support of the Environmental Investment Centre, Mondo will install 108 solar-powered food dryers in Uganda, Kenya and Georgia. One such dryer saves about 1500 kg of food per year from waste, which in turn prevents 5172 kg of CO2  equivalent from being released into the air. In addition, it provides small farmers with an opportunity to quickly and hygienically store and sell their fruits to support their income. Thanks to this, the food security of the communities increases, food waste decreases, as well as CO2  emissions, and the sources of income for the communities are replenished. All of this contributes to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Mondo’s project “Increasing food security and reducing food waste with solar food dryers in Uganda, Kenya, and Georgia” is financed by the Republic of Estonia.

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Egle Küngas