Mondo has been active in Burma since 2013.

We have two trustworthy partner organizations, who engage in bettering the quality of education in the states of Shan and Kachin. During these years we have mostly been active in empowering our partner organisations and their activites by sending in expert volunteers, who have helped to make the organizations more effective and broaden their activities. In 2019 Mondo started an environmental project in the Shan State with an aim to improve local’s access to electricity, by providing innovative green energy solutions.   

Mondo’s work in Burma has been supported with funds from the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Environmental Investment Centre of Estonia and from private donors.

Partners in Burma

Naushawng Development Institute (NDI)

Naushawng Development Institute (NDI) is a Kachin organisation in Myitkyina, Kachin state, focused on three main activities: offering year-long additional trainings for high school graduates, society and citizenship courses in Kachin communities and conducting different social research in Kachin state. The organisation is run by young Kachin activists, who value education highly and see it as the key to peace and stability.

Centre for Rural Education & Development

Centre for Rural Education and Development (CRED) focuses on reforming the education system and improving access to education for rural youth in Shan state. Previously, CRED has worked on developing an educational network and providing primary education in mainly rural communities around northern Shan. They have founded self-sufficient primary schools in remote areas. CRED has also focused on teacher trainings. 

In addition to that, CRED enables around a 100 rural children an opportunity to continue education in Namlam High School by providing accomodation in student housing as well as additional native language classes. Altogether, primary schools have been founded in 26 villages and offer education to nearly 1100 students. The opportunity to attend school also improves the everyday life of the students’ families, who often lack literacy skills and have limited general knowledge about the environment. CRED is run by a former monk Sai Naw Kham (pictured in the photo).

Educational activities in Burma