Solar Panel for a School in Burma

In the Namlan Boarding Home, which has a solar panel, children can do their homework when it’s dark, cook food, shower, and wash their clothes using warm water.

For Shan State’s ethnic minority children, there are many barriers to accessing education. Whereas in the villages, children can attend elementary school in the form of daytime studies, primary and high schools are situated in bigger municipalities that are far from home. This means that children have to live away from home in boarding houses for extended periods of time. In 2016, Mondo’s partner in Burma built a new, bigger boarding house in Namlan city, offering primary and secondary education to up to 150 Shan children. If the building had electricity, children could do their homework in the evenings, cook food for themselves, and during winter, when the temperature falls under 10°C, they could shower using warm water. About six such charity gifts are needed to buy a solar panel for the boarding house, which would produce the necessary energy for doing important chores.


Additionally, solar panels help to save large amounts of money for the organization that maintains the boarding house, and this money can then be invested into hiring teachers and further developing the education network.


With this gift, you are sponsoring the Brilliant Fund, which supports schools and exceptional students in Ghana, Kenya, Burma, and Afghanistan.

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85% of the donation goes directly into the destination country.


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