Educational and entrepreneurial activities in Kenya

For fifth year in a row, Mondo has been supporting the Western Focus Community Organisation (Wefoco), a roof organization for women’s self-help associations in the Shianda village of Western Kenya. In addition to educating children who have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS, cooperation between Mondo and Wefoco includes bettering people’s agricultural and entrepreneurial skills.

During the years 2014 and 2015, we contributed in giving better knowledge on dairy, and poultry farming, as well as on corn production, microfinance, and compiling business plans. The joint action that grew out of our initial seed banking pilot project was officially put into formal order in 2015, and the creation of the agricultural association was completed largely thanks to Kaie Laaneväli, an Estonian expert on agriculture. The association has five district units, and as of 2017, over 300 members. The association is mostly active in chick farming, which takes place on incubators that work on energy gotten from solar panels that were bought by Mondo.

In addition to supporting agriculture, Mondo continues to support bettering entrepreneurial skills of the local women. With the six sewing machines, bought with aid from Mondo, women that have completed additional training in sewing, sew school uniforms for 110 students that attend school thanks to private donors from Estonia. The work of Liina Viira, an Estonian designer, was continued in 2015 by Kalle Aasamäe, a sewing technician and designer, who helped to prepare participating in the procurements of school uniforms for the local high schools. During two years, seven procurements of school uniforms for district schools have been won, and the money gotten from them is planned to be spent on expanding working space, and in hiring more seamstresses.

In addition to experts on agriculture and clothing design, Tanel Sauna, a teacher from the Tallinn Technical Gymnasium, was in Shianda to develop the relations between sister schools in Estonia and Kenya. Moreover, he organized an additional training for teachers, and gave private supplementary lessons to children with disabilities.

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by buying solar panels, and textbooks, building toilets, etc.

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continued their high school studies with the help of our Brilliant Fund