We have been active in Kenya since 2010.

We work in cooperation with a local partner in the Shianda village of Western Kenya. We offer financial aid to primary and secondary school students of the area, and help to increase the quality of education and school environment of the local schools. With the help of volunteering experts from Estonia, we assist local women in establishing their sewing entrepreneurship, and in building up an agricultural assiciation that deals with poultry farming.


Mondo’s activities in Kenya have been supported by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and private donors.

Seamstresses educated by us have won


for sewing school uniforms
in Kenya

Our agricultural association in Kenya offers


a chance to engage in poultry farming

In the Shianda village,


have a sister school in Estonia

In January 2017

111 children

went to school in Kenya
thanks to our supporters

Educational and entrepreneurial activities in Kenya