Mondo has been active in Uganda since 2012. 

We support local women and young people with special needs. Mondo helped establish a sewing studio and shop called Tailoring and Crafts by Kampala Disabled Initiatives for women with reduced mobility. Also, a production centre for special needs youth has been established in NoveBluesky International School near Kampala. We also support people with special needs in northern Uganda. Find out more about the areas we are active in and our projects there down below. 

Mondo’s activities in Uganda have been supported by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and private donors. Since 2018 we deploy volunteers to these areas with the EU AID Volunteers programme.

Supporting disabled people and refugees in Uganda



Kikooba Infant & Primary School

Kikooba, located 80km from the capital, is a village that was strongly affected by the civil war in the 1980s. The Kikooba Infant & Primary School was founded on community initiative to enable orphans and children from poor families go to school. The school is accompanied by a women’s handicraft group that aims to raise additional funding for the school. The ready-made crafts require development and marketing. It was in 2018 that Mondo deployed the first volunteer to Kikooba school and since 2019, the school receives continuing support from Mondo in order to improve the educational environment and send 100 local children to school.

Kampala Disabled Initiatives

Kampala Disabled Initiatives was created with support from Mondo in 2014 as a sewing and crafts organisation for women with special needs. Liina Viira, an Estonian designer, helped refine the women’s sewing skills and develop the KDI handbag series to stand out on the market. The same products are also sold in Estonia, in Mondo’s shop. In 2018, KDI was registered as a community organisation of 10 members. In addition to Mondo, KDI sells their product in Kampala tourist shop chain and has also shipped their first orders to Canada. KDI earns additional income by offering locals sewing workshops. KDI on social media.

Uganda Pioneers Associaton

UPA, founded in 1989, is a volunteer organisation aiming to promote community-based development, cultural dialogue and youth participation in voluntary work. UPA’s head office is situated in Kampala suburb Nansana and it has various branches located in seven districts around Uganda. UPA coordinates international volunteers’ work camps as well as long-term deployments. The volunteers are offered support during their service and they are accommodated in a guest house in Nansana on agreement. So far, Mondo volunteers have lived in the guest house during the beginning of their deployment and been supported by UPA as their receiving organisation throughout their voluntary service. Nansana is situated a half an hour matatu-drive away from Kampala.  

Lugoro Tutte Disabled Group

Our partner in Gulu is Lugoro Tutte Disabled Group. It was founded in 2010 but became active in November 2017 when they communally rented rooms for creating and selling their products. The group has 7 members, of whom 4 have special needs. Gulu is a regional centre of 150 000 inhabitants situated 340 km from the capital. Gulu is one of the northern Uganda communities that was severely impacted by the violent Lord Resistance Army terrorist group in the 1990s and 2000s.