Mondo has been working in Uganda since 2012.

We empower women and young people with special needs and enhance the digital competences among refugee and host community youth and future teachers.

Mondo has been instrumental in creating and providing a livelihood two handicraft groups for youth with disabilities in the capital city of Kampala and in the city of Gulu.  Since 2018, we have been supporting the education of Kikooba rural school students and a group of women basket weavers from the same community. In 2021, we opened a Mondo East Africa office in Kampala to create a stronger network in East Africa. Currently we have 3 experts working in our Kampala office.

In cooperation with Finnish Church Aid, Norwegian Refugee Council, and YARID (Young African Refugees for Integral Development), we train young refugees in Uganda’s refugee settlements and in Kampala in digital skills. We train future teachers in digital skills in partnership with the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports.

Mondo’s activities in Uganda have been supported by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Belgian Development Agency, the Estonian Centre for International Development Cooperation, and private donors. Furthermore, Mondo has sent EU Aid Volunteers to Uganda since 2018, with funding from the European Commission.

Overview of Mondo’s activities

Supporting people with special needs

  • From 2012-2014 Mondo supported the development of a cafe, that operated as a social enterprise in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, offering work to young people with disabilities.
  • In 2015, Mondo and volunteer experts supported the establishment of Kampala Disabled Initiatives (KDI), an organisation offering handicrafts and sewing services.
  • In 2017 and 2018, Mondo supported the implementation of sewing training with the help of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Educational activities

  • Since 2018, we have been supporting the education of Kikooba rural school students. Roughly 100 children who otherwise would not be able to get an education have received school attendance support. With donations from Mondo’s “Brilliant Fund”, we built a boarding room at Kikooba elementary school, allowing more than twenty children to attend school.

Enhancing digital skills

  • In 2018, in cooperation with Tallinn University and experts from the private sector, Mondo developed innovative digital skills training for refugee youth. The training gives young refugees skills that help them solve practical problems at work and in their private lives and supports their self-sufficiency in the long term.
  • Since 2021, Mondo has conducted digital competence training in cooperation with the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports in five teacher training colleges across the country.

Mondo partners in Uganda

Kikooba Infant & Primary School

Kikooba is a village 80 km from the capital, whose community suffered greatly during the civil war of the 1980s. Approximately 100 children of Kikooba School receive school support from Mondo. At the school, a women’s group engaged in handicraft work to earn extra income for the school.

Uganda Pioneers Associaton

Uganda Pioneers Association (UPA) is a community-based development organisation established in 1989. Its goal is to promote community-based development, intercultural dialogue and youth participation. The head office of the organisation is located in Nansana, a suburb of Kampala, and the organisation also has branches in seven regions of Uganda. Mondo and UPA cooperate in sending EU Aid Volunteers to different regions in Uganda.

FCA - Finnish Church Aid

Finn Church Aid is an international aid organisation that was established in 1947. Mondo started cooperation with the FCA Uganda branch in 2019 when we started digital skills training in Uganda. In collaboration with FCA, we enhance refugee and host community youth`s digital competencies.

Ministry of Education and Sports, Uganda

The department of Teacher Education and Training (TIET) is Mondo’s partner in implementing the digital competencies programme in five teachers’ colleges in Uganda.


Kampala Disabled Initiatives

Mondo supported the establishment of Kampala Disabled Initiatives (KDI), an organisation for women with special needs making sewing and handicrafts. KDI sells its products in Uganda, Estonia, and Canada. They also offer sewing training to local community members.

Lugoro Tutte Disabled Group

Lugoro Tutte is located in Gulu, a regional centre 340 km from the capital. The group was founded in 2010 and there are seven members in the group – four of them with disabilities.

NRC - Norwegian Refugee Council

Norwegian Refugee Council is a global humanitarian aid organisation that works to help people who have been forced to flee. In 2022, Mondo and NRC started offering digital skills training to young people in refugee settlements in Uganda.

YARID (Young African Refugees For Integral Development)

YARID was founded in 2007 in Kampala by young refugees of Congolese origin. YARID brings together urban refugees by offering them training and support services. Mondo started offering digital skills training at the YARID computer class in the Nsambya district in 2020.