Mondo’s Crisis Fund

Syrian refugees need your help!

The Syrian Civil War has continued for seven years. Half of Syria’s pre-war population (11 million people) has had to leave their homes. Four million of these people have found shelter in neighboring countries: Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. In Lebanon, every fourth inhabitant is a Syrian refugee. In Jordan, every tenth. Mondo’s Crisis Fund helps people to create livable conditions (giving children the chance to continue obtaining education, and others to participate in additional trainings, and creating job opportunities) in those areas until they can return home.


How will my contribution help?

  • For €2, a refugee child eats for a day
  • For €10, a refugee child gets their school supplies
  • For €20, a family gets a mattress or a gas stove
  • For €30, a refugee child gets their school textbooks
  • For €100-150, a family gets a subsidy to pay the rent, or four women get a chance to participate in a welfare program

Find out more about Mondo’s humanitarian aid activities here, and about the work of Mondo’s partners in TurkeyLebanon, and Jordan.


We distributed


food packages in Ukraine

We distributed food packages to


internally displaced persons

fleeing from ISIL in Iraq

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hospitals in Ukraine