Mondo supports Turkey and Syria in this humanitarian crisis

On February 6 Turkey and Syria were hit with earthquakes that have claimed tens of thousands of lives and will affect millions more. Mondo collects donations to alleviate the humanitarian crisis caused by the earthquake and to aid people affected by it.


  • by transferring to NGO Mondo SEB Bank, IBAN: EE491010220099409013, with the explanation “Maavärin”
  • via PayPal through this link
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“The situation in Turkey and Syria is very difficult. Areas that were hit the hardest have already suffered from war and forced migration, so today’s devastation is even more amplified. Rescue work is very difficult, as in some cities even half of the buildings have been destroyed. In addition, it is winter in the region and people have lost their homes. Hundreds of thousands need shelter, warm clothes, food, medicine – absolutely everything. Currently, the focus is on saving human lives from the rubble, but more and more we must start helping the survivors,” said Mondo’s Middle East expert Kristi Ockba.

Mondo supports those in need in Turkey and Syria with the collected donations, together with its long-term partners Small Projects Istanbul in Turkey and Finn Church Aid (FCA) in Syria. “The needs in the region are huge, and the help hasn’t reached everywhere. This applies to both Turkey and Syria, where the delivery of humanitarian aid is significantly hampered by political relations, as well as by severely damaged infrastructure. This week has been also very cold in the region, which requires an urgent response. In recent years, our partner FCA has developed a reliable network in Syria and they have access to areas where aid has not yet reached,” said Triinu Ossinovski, a board member of Mondo. Mondo uses donations according to what is most needed in the region at the moment – from food to shelter, warm clothes and essential hygiene items.

Mondo has supported the livelihood of Syrian refugee women in Turkey and Syria and the availability of quality education for children. Mondo has been working in humanitarian crises for almost 15 years as a provider of urgent aid in cooperation with local partners.


Mondo’s volunteers will share their stories on Tartu studentdays


Three Mondo volunteers will join Tartu Studentdays on the 27th of April, to share in a storytelling method their experiences as volunteers. Eve, Saile and Marten’s stories will give insight into the daily lives of women’s cooperatives, IT class or local organisations in Mondo’s partner communities in Africa. The stories are told in English and in Estonia and