Mondo has been working in Ghana since 2009.

In cooperation with a local partner and Ghana Education Service, we work in Kongo village in the Nabdam district in northern Ghana. Through financial support, we enable the local children to receive primary and secondary education. We also work on raising the level of education and the quality of the learning environment in the local schools.

We work on improving the well-being and independence of local women. We offer support to widowed women through agricultural means and help entrepreneurial women in the area to establish shea butter production and basket weaving associations. The development of Kongo village has also been supported by deployment of several expert volunteers,  including teachers, designers, nurses and midwives.

Mondo’s activities in Ghana are financed by Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as private donors. 


Kongo Village Community Development Association (KoCDA)

Kongo Village Community Development Association (KoCDA) has been Mondo’s local partner in Ghana since 2008. In order to monitor the use of materials collected by NGO Mondo through a support program, a body of 8 people was elected. The elected body is managed by Victor More who is also a member of the School Management Committee in Kongo Primary School. 

Rays of Hope Centre

For over 20 years, the center has contributed to working with street children – providing them with a safe environment, reconciling families and supporting the continuation of children’s education. The organisation has two centers – a day center in the Ashaiman area on the outskirts of Accra and an accommodation center in the village of Ayikuma. The organization is headed by Richmond T Agamloh Jr.


Ghana Education Service

The responsibility of the Education Service is to organise the work of local schools. The state support granted for their work is scarce due to slow movement of information between the capital Accra and northern Ghana and because the number of children requires establishing new schools. Thanks to the Education Service, Mondo can accurately map the needs of local schools and mediate the contributions collected in Estonia in an effective and transparent way. In addition to that, Education Service helps facilitate the communication between Estonian and Ghana sister schools. Distribution of schools support and communication between sister schools is organised and coordinated by Mr. Francis Sapaat

Ghana Developing Communities Association (GDCA)

Ghana Developing Communities Association (GDCA) is a nonprofit working with development in Northern Ghana to build resilient communities and influence inclusive development. The organisation works in 4 areas: access to quality education, improved livelihoods, stronger civil society and organisational development.