Laptop for a computer class in Ghana

Support the access to quality ICT education in Kongo village, Ghana! With your donation we will be able to buy new laptops for the local ICT center, ensuring one computer for every 2 students, making the learning more fun and efficient.

In autumn 2019, Mondo, together with the district education office and community development association, opened the first ICT center in Kongo village. Now, students from 13 surrounding schools can come here to learn practical computer skills. Despite ICT classes being part of the national curriculum since upper primary, these schools, and many others, simply don’t have access to computers. Until now, most of the ICT classes have been taught solely with the use of blackboards and chalk. The newly opened center, with 9 used laptops, has changed all of this and your support can help make an even bigger difference!


The price of one new laptop for the center is 200 euros, which means that your gift provides 10% of the total cost. Or would you like to run a campaign among your friends or colleagues and gift the center one laptop that you can name?


How to donate?
Make a donation to NGO Mondo at SEB Pank, EE491010220099409013, SWIFT: EEUHEE2X
Reference: Laptop to Ghana


Or buy this charity gift and receive a card! (Currently in Estonian only)

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85% of the donation goes directly into the destination country.

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