Mondo has been active in Turkey since 2016.

Turkey has the largest number of Syrian refugees, with a total of over 3.4 million registered refugees. 90% of them live outside refugee camps. More than 40% of school-age children do not go to school. The situation is further complicated by the language difference. It affects children’s education. Many children and teenagers have not attended school at all or have been away from school for more than 4 years. These young people need access to vocational training, language lessons and higher education. Tutoring is important to help young people return to school. Therefore, there is an urgent need for non-formal and formal education programs to accelerate children’s return to school or the acquisition of vocational skills.

Mondo’s work in Turkey has been supported by Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Commission, The Estonian Centre for International Development and Anna Lindh Foundation.

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Tarlabaşı Community Center

Tarlabaşı Toplum Merkezi (TTM) is a nonprofit that has worked in the city of Istanbul since 2006 and since 2023. in other parts of Turkey that were affected by the earthquake.  In Istanbul, TTM works in the area of Tarlabaşı, which is inhabited by many people with migration backgrounds who live today in poverty and deprivation of fundamental rights. TTM provides social, psychological and educational support for the most vulnerable groups of the community – children, young people and women. Mondo started working with the organisation in 2023 by providing empowerment workshops for women and girls and distributing  humanitarian aid packages.