Mondo has been working in Ukraine since 2014. We currently work in Education, Livelihoods, Health, Food Security and Livelihoods, and Shelter clusters.

While the acute crisis lasts, we provide humanitarian food assistance, hygiene items, generators, and different shelter items. We work in close collaboration with our Ukrainian partners and support them in organizing evacuations, maintaining a crisis hotline, provision of psychological consultations, reconstruction of damaged buildings, entrepreneurship training for IDPs, as well as summer camps and an educational center for IDP children.

We also work to improve access to quality education among children in Ukraine, to improve teacher’s digital skills, and promote democratic culture.

Mondo collects donations to support the people of Ukraine.

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Mondo activities in Ukraine after the full-scale war

Mondo sends humanitarian aid to Ukraine to address the most pressing needs of the affected populations. This includes food, hygiene items, bedding, energy generators and solar panels. We purchase items available in Ukraine locally and ship the items that are not available in the country. The distribution of humanitarian aid is organized with Mondo’s partners in Ukraine: Vostok SOS, Dobrobat, and Real Ukranians.


Mondo has sent to Ukraine

  • 32 trucks (over 400 tons) of food and hygiene items from Estonia and purchased 5900 family size food and hygiene packages in Ukraine.
  • 189 generators with a capacity of 2-18 kW;
  • 7 off-grid solar panel systems that serve to provide electricity in IDP housing centres.

Mondo has also supported

  • a crisis hotline and evacuations with Vostok SOS;
  • 600 online psychological consultations;
  • reconstruction of 20 houses in Kyiv oblast in partnership with Dobrobat;
  • summer camps, an IDP study centre, and adult entrepreneurship trainings;
  • movement and psychological support hubs in collaboration with Juniors.

Mondo is working to improve access to quality education among children in Ukraine, improve teacher’s digital skills, provide mental health support to Ukranians in need, especially children, and to promote democratic culture by organising Opinion Festivals, trainings, debates, and global education activities in schools.


All of our activities in Ukraine are performed in close consultation and collaboration with our local partners. Mondo’s projects in Ukraine have been funded by private donors, the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union, and OCHA-UHF.

Mondo activities in Ukraine before the full-scale war


  • Mondo initiated an educational school network in Luhansk oblast and prior to the full-scale war was cooperating with 40 schools in the crisis region (25% of all schools). We have a human rights themed educational program directed specifically to the crisis area of eastern Ukraine. More than 1000 teachers and 12 000 pupils were benefiting from human rights and global education activities. 
  • Mondo has supported educational facilities in Ukraine in order to help schools create an environment that supports catch-up learning, use modern educational tools and integrate global topics into school lessons.
  • Our educational projects in Ukraine actively engage Estonian teachers. Mondo has organized study visits to Estonia for Ukrainian education workers during which we introduced the Estonian education system and visited Estonian schools. 
  • In collaboration with our partners, Mondo has organized many educational events in Ukraine. With the help of Estonian experts, we organized an ethics, values and corruption themed workshop in Kiev for eastern Ukrainian school principals. Since 2016, we have been organizing teacher’s training and conferences on human rights and SDGs. 
  • During quarantine, we offered a distance learning themed web-seminar series to over 3000 Ukrainian education workers.
  • We have provided schools in our education network with equipment for different subjects and ICT, equipment for active breaks (games, sports gear, badminton, etc) and disinfectants. To support distance learning, we provided 30 schools with projectors and audio systems which improved the schools’ ability to teach during COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital competencies for teachers

  • In 2021, Mondo piloted the Digital Competencies Training for teachers in the Ukrainian crisis areas. Local trainers completed the training and were scheduled to train teachers in their schools. However, due to the full-scale war, the training of teachers is now happening online instead.
  • Mondo has been facilitating seminars and webinars for Ukraine’s educational workers, in order to support distance learning and e-teaching skills.


  • Since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine in 2014, Mondo has been supporting more than 50 medical facilities in the Luhansk region with consumables and medical equipment and offered psychosocial support activities in eastern Ukraine.

Food security and livelihoods

  • Since 2014, Mondo has been offering humanitarian aid in Ukraine. In the early years of the conflict, we provided food aid and support to local hospitals.
  • In 2020, eastern Ukraine was struck by large-scale forest fires which destroyed hundreds of homes. Through Mondo’s Crisis Fund, our partner Vostok SOS received 2000€ for the support of families who lost their homes. Thanks to the donated money, five families were provided with home rebuilding materials.

Democratic development

  • On Mondo’s initiative, a new tradition of Opinion Festivals started in Severodonetsk in 2016. The opinion festival is a platform to raise a variety of topics relevant to democratic development of the society. The Opinion Festival in Severodonetsk took place every year in the beginning of September.  

Mondo’s partners in Ukraine

Vostok SOS

Vostok SOS  is a non-governmental organization that works to provide comprehensive assistance to IDPs and to people who have suffered as a result of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. While the organization prior to 2022 focused on strengthening the civil society, building the capacity of local communities to ensure a sustainable development of the eastern regions, promoting democratic values and human rights, the focus today has shifted to respond to the growing humanitarian needs in Ukraine, strengthen and consolidate the volunteer movement in the country and support authorities and the local government in their efforts to evacuate and find housing for IDPs.

The main activities today are: provision of humanitarian aid, legal assistance, psycho-social support, documenting war crimes and human rights violations, advocacy on a regional and national level, support and capacity-building of educators and civil society.

Eductional Human Rights house Chernihiv

EHRHC unites organisations, human rights defenders, and civil activists, who believe that education is an effective way to ensure human rights protection, which can secure long-term positive changes in the field of human rights protection and promotion.

The House initiatives and projects include formal and informal education and other activities to promote human rights. in a modern, well-equipped, and environmentally friendly resource centre, which provides a venue for events, conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, etc. It also provides shelter for human rights defenders, who faced persecutions.

Charitable Foundation “Angels of Salvation”

The charity organization “Angels of Salvation” unites volunteers, NGOs, and business representatives in Ukraine and the world to help those who need it most. The organization evacuates and supports internally displased people in Ukraine, working in many villages and towns along the front line of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Dnepropetrovsk, Mykolayiv, Poltava, Cherkasy, Ternopil regions.


Dobrobat is the Ukrainian volunteer movement whose goal is to rebuild cities and infrastructure destroyed by Russian forces.


The JuniorS movement is a non-profit public organization which promotes physical activities among school-age children, in order to improve their both physical and mental health.

Donors supporting Mondo’s work in Ukraine