We both work in the field of development cooperation and offer humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Since the fall of 2014, we have offered humanitarian aid, when the initiative For Ukraine! was launched by three Estonian organizations. To get acquainted with the humanitarian aid Mondo gives in Ukraine, take a look at the Google map below. Yellow pins mark the settlements where food packages are delivered, pink pins mark the places where medicine kits are handed out to internally displaced persons, red pins mark supported hospitals, and green pins mark places where social-psychological services are offered.


We began working in development cooperation in 2015 with a primary focus on protecting the rights of internally displaced persons through education- and social-psychological services in eastern Ukraine. All activities are implemented in cooperation with our local partner, Vostok SOS. Mondo’s activities in Ukraine have been funded by private donors and the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

To cover basic needs, we delivered

2500 food packages

to crisis areas in Ukraine

We helped to organize

5 events

to promote the rights of IDP-s

We delivered medical aid to

9 hospitals

in the crisis area

We gave necessary medications to

305 residents

of the crisis area

During 2015-2016. we supported 11

press conferences

on the topic of legal protection of the IDP-s

Artist Jarõna Ilo auctioned

63 Pieces of art,

to support crisis aid in Ukraine

We helped to organize

7 events

to offer psychological support to IDP-s

We gave guidance to

2350 people

who needed legal advice